In case you missed it, No Regrets 2014 at the Westbrook Church Campus was incredible. Over 800 men converged on the campus from several different locations to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. With over 25 breakout sessions, men heard messages on being a leader, a better father or husband. Messages were shared about missions, men's health and more. Whether you attended or not there are a few things that we would encourage you to do:

1. Get involved with a group of men through your local church. If there is no group, dare to step out and start one. No Regrets has great materials to start with. 

2. Listen to the messages that were shared. Go back over notes that you may have taken and listen for things that you may have missed.

3. Get on the newsletter so that we can let you know when the early bird tickets go on sale. We will also let you know of changes to the speaker list and get you the most up-to-date info.

4. Distribute a short promo video for next years conference.

5. Take a look at the gallery from the day and use any photos you would like to create promo materials